Secret Inph0s


The location is called "Genheimer Weiher", but it's pretty secret - even locals don't know it exists. And it's not even in Genheim.


The location is located at 49.948811, 7.813209.


Exit A61 at "Stromberg". Follow signs to Waldalgesheim. After 1,5km you will see a huge solar farm on the right-hand side. Right after the end of the solar field, you'll spot a UC9 road sign on the right side of the road. Turn right into the path. You'll see further UC9 signs. Follow them.

Should you be coming from Bingen, drive to Waldalgesheim. After the end-of-town street sign drive another 500 Meters, and then make a left. Again, there will be a UC9 sign (this time on the left side of the street).


Direct Intercity trains go to Bingen from both Frankfurt and Hamburg every two hours. There also RegionalExpress trains (operated by SüWex and VLEXX) and local trains (Mittelrheinbahn / Transegio). Make sure to book to "Bingen(Rhein) Hbf". Do not exit at the "Bingen(Rhein) Stadt" (City) station.

When coming from Frankfurt or Frankfurt Airport:

Once per hour there is a "RegionalExpress (RE2 line)" train going to Koblenz via Bingen directly, without many stops and really nice trains. The trains are white and marked "Süwex". This is the best option.

The second best option is to take the the RegionalExpress RE3 line, which goes to Saarbrücken. These are shitty blue Diesel trains operated by VLEXX. You'll have to change trains. The ticket machine will tell you to change in Mainz, but don't do that, as it involves running to another track to manage to get the connecting train. Instead stay inside the train and exit in Ingelheim. About 10 minutes after leaving there, at the same track there will be a Mittelrheinbahn/Transregio train arriving, heading for Bingen/Koblenz/Köln. Take that one. Do not exit at "Bingen(Rhein) Stadt" (city station), but "Bingen(Rhein) Hbf" (Hauptbahnhof / central station).

If you are coming with a long-distance train to Frankfurt, you can also instead of the regional trains use the Intercity line, which runs every 2 hours. 

When arriving at the train station, grab a Taxi. The Taxi driver will have no clue where "Genheimer Weiher" is, and probably will take you to the town of Genheim, which is wrong. Tell the taxi driver to drive to Waldalgesheim and go straight through it. After the end-of-town sign ("Ortsausgangsschild") he needs to keep driving for exactly 500 Meters, and then make a left. There will be a UC9 road sign on the left side of the street to look out for. Then have him follow the signs to the car parking area. The Taxi trip should cost about 15-20 Euros.

Airplane - Frankfurt am Main

When arriving at Terminal 2, you first need to take the shuttle bus to Terminal 1. Go to the regional train station (not the long-distance train one), which is located underground. Buying a ticket at the ticket machines sucks. The red ticket machines from Deutsche Bahn often are not able to issue the tickets needed. Instead use the blue ones marked "RMV". Should you have ended up in a part of the station where there only is a single ticket machine with long lines, just walk another 25 meters, and you'll find a whole bunch of them. When buying the ticket, as target select "Bingen(Rhein) Hbf". The machine will ask you if you want to take a "detour" over Bad Kreuznach. No, you don't want that, but the straight (and cheaper) route. The tickets are not bound to a specific train.

Airplane - "Frankfurt" Hahn Airport

The airport is in the middle of nowhere, and public transport is a multi-hour route. Your best bet probably is to book a rental car. Distance between the Airport and the party location is about 50km. Follow the car instructions above.

Arrival and Departure times

The "doors" open on Thursday at 16:00. In case you are arriving much earlier, we'd ask you to please stay on the camping grounds and to not unload your car until we are done setting up the party main hall. Please don't be a gender-neutral pussy to arrive on Friday. Join us for the full time!

The party ends on Sunday at 14:00. By that time we will have to clear the main hall quite quickly. If you still some time left, you are most welcome to help. The Hardcore camping Grounds also need to be cleared by then, unless you wish for the tent company truck to run over it. The silent camping grounds should be cleared by 18:00 latest.

At the location - Camping and Parking

Caravan / Mobile Home

If you are coming with a Caravan / mobile home, there will be dedicated parking. Please follow the signs. We'll have power available - please bring a 25 Meter extension cord. Please note that we neither have running fresh water nor sewage. We recommend you fill up water before arriving. If you need fresh water, bring a watering can with you.

Silent Camping

If you are bringing a sleeping tent and want silence during the night, then setup your camp at the Silent Camping area - which is identical to caravan parking. It's a nice fluffy meadow.

Hardcore Camping

If you want to be part of the party all night, you can also setup your tent at the "Hardcore Camping" site, which is located next to the lake, the main hall tent. It will be noisy during the night. Lasers may blind you. You have been warned.

Sleeping in the main hall

If you don't own or want to use a tent, you can also sleep in the main hall tent under your table. Please note that the tent does not have any wooden floor, it's grass. So bring a proper mattress with you.

Sleeping in the Hüpfburg village

In case the weather is stable and you like to sleep under the stars, you can also sleep inside the Hüpfburg Village. 

Car Parking

There is a dedicated area for parking cars. Please use that, and don't block space on the Caravan / Silent Camping areas.

Car unloading

If you wish to unload your car at the main hall tent so you don't have to carry your big tower PC around, or if you wish to unload your camping gear at the Hardcore Camping site, that's possible. However, please first park your car at the car park area, walk down to the main hall, and ask. There won't be much of an option to turn there, and we only want one car at the same time to unload. As soon as you have finished unloading, park your car at the car parking space again.

Location map. Click for large version.

Safety & Rules

The lake

In general swimming in the lake is allowed. Feel also free to bring your floaties or rubber boat. However, the lake may look harmless, but is up to 10 meters deep. Also, we are running power lines through the sea to power some light installations in it.

Swimming and any activity on the lake is therefore only allowed during daytime, while we have scene life guards on duty.

The lake is full of life, and due to that has crystal clear water. We would like it to stay that way. Due to this, please do not use any kind of sun tan or other chemical substances before entering it.

You are welcome to bring any kind of bathing toy, as long as you make sure nothing sinks to the ground or is left behind in any way.

The location

The southern part of the location is private property, and the owner is not happy if you trespas. Please stick to the parts of the location that are marked on the map above.

Open fires

Open fires are not allowed. We'll have a bonfire at the Hüpfburg village.

Toilets, Freshwater and showering

The location does neither have running water nor a sewage connection. This means we'll have to improvise.

We have so called "nature toilets" available. These look like regular toilets, but don't have running water. Instead after having done your duty, you grab some bark mulch and cover your shit with it. The contents of the toilets will be used as dung. Therefore please don't put in anything chemicals or tampons or things like that into it. If you just need to pee, hitting the bushes is a good alternative.

We'll have "Fake Shower" tent. This is using water pumped out of the lake. It therefore will be rather cold. Important: Please do not bring nor use your own shampoo or conditioner with you. We do not have waste water, so the used water will run back into the lake. We'll supply shampoo which is 100% biological and safe for the animals in the lake.

We have limited supply of fresh water. This can be used for brushing your teeth, supply your caravan etc. Drinking the water uncooked is not recommended.

Drones & Lasers

You are welcome to bring your drone. However, in Germany it is illegal for whatever reasons to fly drones over solar fields, and there is a huge solar field next to it. Please either don't fly over it, or if you do, do not post videos showing that you did online.

Also, the location is in the flight path to Frankfurt Airport. Make sure no laser beams are going up to the sky, and follow regulations for drone usage.


According to German law, you are supposed to be smoking all the time. When registering, you'll be given a portable sealed ash tray. Please use it. 

Hüpfburg Village

Inside the Hüpfburg village, strictly no shoes or any kind of sharp items. The includes and kind of goth clothings or piercings which may puncture the castles. Please do not consume any food or any kind of sticky liquid on the castles.


Getting rid of unsorted trash is pretty expensive in Germany. So in case you don't want your competition prize to be mixed garbage, please help us safe some money and to reduce the time until humanity has killed planned earth by 2 hours. We'll have three kinds of garbage bags: Yellow for clean plastic and packaging, brown for paper and cardboard, and red for any dirty garbage. Glas bottles will be collected in a box.

What to bring

  • A computer. This is not fucking woodstock. No computer - no entry. If you bring a Laptop, you will be punished. Be a real man/woman/x, and carry your big tower.
  • Any kind of electronic toys. Nothing is too stupid. If you bring lasers or drones, please see above for safety regulations.
  • Bring sun screen. Please note that it's high season for ticks which can spread borreliosis. It is therefore highly recommend to bring anti-tick-repellent. If a tick should have to decided to camp on you, come to the info desk, we've got tools to properly remove it. The amount of mosquitos is rather low, thanks to the wild life on and in the lake. And unlike UC7, there are no horse flies \o/
  • If you are a DJ who doesn't suck, bring your stuff and play a set.
  • Bring musical instruments with you. Whatever it is, if it can be used to generate music, it will come in handy in the multichannel-with-livesupport-compo.
  • Basicly all kind of camping equipment will be useful. Water containers, flashlights, whatever.
  • Power will be provided by a gigantic diesel generator. We'll have more than enough power. However, experience shows that power outages will happen. If you happen to own a UPS, bring it with you. Even if you don't need it yourself (because you have a laptop), whoever is sitting next to you might be happy.
  • A flashlight. Alternative, a Fleshlight will also do it. Also, any kind of USB-powered lights are a nice thing to have (plus a USB powerbank).
  • A 3-5m network cable. We will have WiFi coverage everywhere on the location, but nothing beats a network cable. Jump roping doesn't work wirelessly.
  • Your RULE-card. If you have a RULE card from any UC event of the last 20 years, bring it. All RULE on it is still valid.
  • Silly floaties and inflatable boats for the lake. We've got an electrical air pump, so need to bring one.
  • Drugs to share.
  • Competition entries.

What NOT to bring

  • No water cookers or any other kind of high-current kitchen equipment. There will be a public water cooker available at the Infodesk.
  • No electrical heaters. The main hall tent will be heated during the Nights when needed.
  • Do not bring any food or drinks that needs cooling, unless you bring your own mini fridge. We are sorry, but the Infodesk will not store any visitor stuff. However, we'll have ice cubes available in case you are bringing your own schnapps.
  • Shampoo, conditioner or styling products that will end up in the lake water and not being 100% biological.
  • Please avoid bringing food or drinks: We'll have an excellent street food truck on-site serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The prizes are very reasonable, much cheaper than what you'd see at a regular food truck (or *cough* Revision). Meals will vary daily. There will be vegetarian options. As the food truck owner is giving us those extremely reasonable prices, we'd love to see it get used a lot. The infodesk will offer all kinds of drinks including beer from the tap over Gin & Tonic, again at very reasonable prices. There will be free coffee sponsored by TuM e.V. (thank you, D.Fox!). In addition to the food truck, the info desk will serve night-time snacks like freshly baked pretzels and mini pizzas.