All the Party Features you could never imagine

Underground Conference is a very special party, and so are its features and competitions. While the party itself could very well be regarded as satire on existing mainstream events, this doesn't mean it needs to suck. Some of the features Underground Conference has invented during the last 25 years have been copied by other events, but most remain unique, and fresh features are added for every edition. Here are some of them:

Party location

Underground Conference is a hardcore camping survival demoparty. There is no sleeping-hall, and there are no hotels closely nearby. So bring your camping gear and try to survive fighting against nature for three nights. We've got a main hall tent with tables and bigscreen inside, so do bring your tower PC and ALL the other gear that typically is not expected on a camping trip. There also will be a gigantic outdoor bigscreen next to the lake. It's the original "actual size" 10x6 meter screen from Breakpoint.

Location map. Click for large version.

Drone flight over the secret party location

(Taken during winter, that's why it's James Brownish.)

Private lake to swim, fight and die in

The private location also is featuring a private pond. It does have an interesting background story: UC8 was located in and around an old copper mine.

This lake on the other hand is only half-natural: It came to life when a scheduled underground explosion in a tunnel from a nearby mine went wrong, with tons of earth crashing down into the mine. 

The water is really nice, and you'll be able to swim, dive and drown there. It's also really really really deep (see mine story above), so once again the UC "deep in the underground" theme is spot-on even without an actual mine to enter...

Gigantic 10x6 Meter outdoor Bigscreen

Imagine sitting on a bouncy castle under the all the stars in the sky, watching a beer, having a demo. That's possible only at Underground Conference. The bigscreen from back the good old Breakpoint days got saved and stored, and will be served justice by being recycled for Underground Conference once more.

Of course there also a bigscreen inside the party tent so we don't have to go out while the sun still shines.

"RULE"-card digital currency

What does make the world go round? Right, porn. But what do you use to pay your porn with, unless you are an evil INTERNET HACKER? Money.

So, let's talk about money.

At uc3d back in 1999 we first brought you another stupid invention: The RULE-CARD. Now what's that? Well, it's one of the first digital currencies in the world, backward-compatible for 20 years! Whatever you normally pay with, may it be Dollars, DM, Euro oder Frogeater-Money, it's worthless at UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE. The only thing that counts is your RULE-CARD.

The RULE-CARD is a chip-card every registered visitor gets after he paid his entrance fee.

Everything you buy at the Party will be payed with your RULE-CARD, we won't accept anything else. Yes, this sounds like nonsense. But it's fun. And it minimizes the risk of stoned organizers losing all the money is solved, too). It just rulez.

If you enter the party you will be able to exchange some of your old-fashioned lame money to nice tasty RULE. You may also add more funds to your RULE CARD at a later time during the party.

The Exchange rate goes like this: 0.50 Euro = 303 Rule
(Why is it 0.50 Euro? Because RULE is from back the Deutschmark times, as is most of this text block.)

If you still own your rulecard from previous UCs, take it along with you! All RULE on it is still valid. You will also get some special bonus if you re-use your old card (wir invertieren Dein Guthaben).

Oh yeah, one of the cool things about the RULECARD is that we are able to completely track what you've bought through the party. Hooray for no privacy! Well, anyway, this enables us to present you a very unique UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE feature - the realtime beer stats! During the party you may check how many litres of beer you have ordered during the party on the bigscreen. The visitor who drinks most and ranks highest gets awarded the special "dumme alkoholiker saufsau"-prize!