All the Compos you never wanted

What would a party be without competitions? A prty. That's why UC does not have any of that old-fashioned stuff. Our competitions are special, for "special" people. Also, taking part in competitions is mandatory - the "No release - no entry" rule is absolutely enforced at the door, which is kind of a problem given that the location does not have doors. Anyway, check out the best line-up of compos ever:

180 BPM Topfschlagen

This is the longest-running compo at Underground Conference, existing since back in 1995. Beat on an old pot with a stick. We will sample it and measure the BPM-Rate. You have to get as close as possible to 180 BPM and then stay there to win.

That's actually not at all easy. 

PerfectPC is disqualified and banned from this compo, due to cheating at UC8. This means he is more than welcome to enter again.


Love is all around? Not so at Underground Conference. We want you to show your hate. All of it. Pick any demo/intro you really really hate, and screw it up. Replace parts, distort it, whatever. Just make really plausible that you really hate it.

Happy Hardcore

Happy Hardcore used to be a non-mainstream kind of electronic music. Cheesy vocals, strings and pianos, combined with a hard beat at between 180 and 190 BPM. The dutch flavour of it often also contained break beats.

These days Happy Hardcore is typically called "UK Hardcore". This is because the dutchies went for Hardstyle (which is related) instead, where the UK guys kept it up for a couple of years, before the scene over there also mostly died.

Back when Happy Hardcore was close to what could be called "popular", a couple of commercial tracks from people like "Bl├╝mchen" or even (yuck) "Scooter" entered the charts. But there is much better stuff than that.

Anyway, this compo is about creating a Happy Hardcore (aka UK Hardcore or Hardstyle) track.


This is the compo most often underestimated by first-time UC visitors. The general idea is to hand in a really bad tune.
But as you'll learn, Shitmusic is a true art form.

No, it's not just a matter of not hitting the notes, or having a crappy beat, or tempo changes. To stand any chance against world-class record holders, you'll need to have all of that and far more.

"Just because you are bad at it doesn't mean you are good at being bad." 


Let's face it, music compos often are boring, especially if the music compo orga is corrupt, deaf, or both, and/or no pre-selection happens.

We'll have nature do the pre-selection.

You may hand in any track you've done, and we don't care if it's good or bad. However, it will only be played while and as long as you are executing any directions that your "creative drill instructor" is giving you, which typically is much worse than it may sound.


This competition one day used to be about doing headbanging on stage while some c64 SID track was being played. It escalated quickly from there, from people beating each other with ladders, over hurtful body slams, up to rather weird on-stage performances.

Basically, anything goes, as long as you are on stage and a SID song is playing in the background while you are doing whatever you believe to have to do.

Harddisk throwing Compo

Throw these bloody HDDs into the air! Due to a (very) long-standing tradition, measurements are done in Elitegroup member steps.

No SSDs allowed!

(However, it has been a proven tactic in the past to try build catapults that then fail miserably)

Boozing Compo

Well, this is not really a compo. However, due to the RULE card payment system, we can track how much you are drinking at the party. So let's make a challenge out of it: Try to impress your "friends" by drinking far too much alcohol just to become the top of the pops.

And in case you are wondering: The amounts on the picture here are given in LITERs, so don't believe this one to be easy to win.


Everyone loves it, so make sure not to miss this chance for a contribution. Create a module with your favourite tracker (mp3s are ok too, these days...). At the party you have to "support" your song live. Either with your voice or with some weird instrument or whatever comes into your mind.

Seaworld Graphics

Sorry, we are not going to spoil the surprise by telling you what this really is about.

All we'll tell you is: This competition involves doing something on/in the lake while working on a graphics entry.

Offroad live shader coding

And we will tell you even LESS about this one. 

Well, the name does give a couple of clues. Yes, it does involve offroad vehicles, lots of mud, and some of the scene's best coders potentially getting killed in a freak accident.