Underground Conference 9

This is your captain speaking.
There is no need to panic, I repeat:
There is no need to panic!

Secret outdoor location near Bingen am Rhein
Thursday, June 20 to Sunday, June 23 2019

(Registration and approval is mandatory to join)

Come crash with us to your final destination.

Running since 1995, Underground Conference is one of the best kept secrets of German demo party organizing. Originally started to protest against the commercialization of the scene, the event more and more turned into an absurd parody of major demo parties, proper demo party organizing, and the scene in general. 

UC features a gigantic line-up of innovative, strange and bizarre competitions. The party always has been labelled as "Elite only", which again is not to be taken too serious. The background of this label is that back in the days major parties got infested with gamers and lamers, people not actually doing anything creative. Also, in those days actual fights at partys also happened. While setting up UC is a massive organizing amount, its organizers coming from a background of serious party organizing (Mekka & Breakpoint) wanted for once to be able to relax on a party they do themselves. As many aspects of the party are extreme, and some even outright dangerous, it is therefore important to be able to trust its visitors fully.

This is why there is mandatory registration, "extreme vetting", and the location being kept secret. We simply need to make sure that you aren't lame, that you are able to handle whatever drugs you like to take - for example we don't want people who turn aggressive when drinking too much alcohol, which is kinda important if you have a boozing compo where people are drinking 25 liters of beer.

Also, even as many of the party organizers are old farts, we want everybody to contribute. This is where the rule "No release - no entry" is coming from. If you browse our list of competitions, you'll find that there is something for everyone, even if you aren't a coder, gfx artist or musician. 

Underground Conference has taken place at the most weird locations. Abandoned military depots, inside a copper mine, deep in the forest. This year's location again will be unique, and enable some features never before seen at any demo party in the world.

Who's coming?

Here are the registered vistors:

  • scamp / Vacuum
  • fashion / vacuum/farbrausch
  • Y0Gi / TZX^r6n
  • TS / Alcatraz ^ Scoopex ^ Wursthupe
  • Saga Musix / Nuance^SVatG^HUP
  • BeRo / Farbrausch
  • J.A.K.
  • mbb / tUM
  • RufUsul / Abyss
  • Widdy / Nuance, Genesis*Project, Oxyron
  • Delax / Never×Sundancer
  • Medo / TiTAN
  • docd / TRSi Hoodlum
  • v3nom / TRBL/red_scarves
  • waffle / dekadence^jumalauta^etc
  • las / mercury
  • myy / paraguay^jumalauta^etc
  • muhmac / speckdrumm
  • paralax / speckdrumm, spacepigs
  • pnm / Speckdrumm
  • manx / mercury^never
  • Topy / Miragɘ
  • arvenius/wysiwtf / Titten and Beers
  • DeeKay / Crest^Oxyron
  • dsfssdf
  • Kabuto / Titan
  • Oemfoe / RBBS
  • OhLi / Digital Demolition Krew
  • mog / TRBL
  • Bombe / farbrausch ^ SceneSat
  • PerfectPC / BaaS^RBBS
  • bod / AttentionWhore
  • Green / AttentionWhore
  • Harvey
  • dojoe / Hurstwupe!
  • Bjaan / RBBS
  • sheijk
  • kaomau / Eos^Wursthupe
  • kb / farbrausch ^ the obsessed maniacs
  • messy / diewissenden ^ AttentionWhore
  • ted / TRBL
  • Ronny / Mutti
  • NR4 / Team210
  • QM / Team210
  • neuralnet / AttentionWhore
  • Hans
  • gerson
  • eha / smash designs
  • judifer / none
  • cyraxx / Schnappsgirls
  • Schnattalie
  • sir_yoda / fanbnavsch
  • hypo
  • D.Fox / Digital Oberfläche Autokorrektur
  • verschdl / never
  • Shana
  • psykon / mercury

That is a total of 57 visitors.