Underground Conference 9

This is your captain speaking.
There is no need to panic, I repeat:
There is no need to panic!

Secret outdoor location near Bingen am Rhein
Thursday, June 20 to Sunday, June 23 2019

(Registration and approval is mandatory to join)

Come crash with us to your final destination.

Join us for four days of non-stop insanity at the craziest outdoor demoparty event ever.

Running occasionally since 1995, Underground Conference is one of the best kept secrets of German demo party organizing. Originally started to protest against the commercialization of the scene, the event more and more turned into an absurd parody of major demo parties, proper demo party organizing, and the scene in general. 

Art installations.
Crazy competitions.
Survival of the unfittest.

UC features a gigantic line-up of innovative, strange and bizarre competitions, all taking place at a wonderful outside location including a private lake.

While UC is a small and rather private event, it always has and always will be settings standards on how to take a demoparty experience to the maximum. It's a once-in-lifetime experience for every demoscener.

Everything you'd expect from a demoparty. And so much you'd never expect.

No, UC is not really "Elite only". This label dates back from the nineties where it was important to make clear that gamers and leechers weren't welcome. Today there is Frogger and YouPorn, so this no longer is an issue. 

However, there is mandatory registration, "extreme vetting", and the location is being kept secret. This is due to the extreme amount of freedom UC provides - We simply need to make sure that you aren't causing a threat to yourself or others, that you are able to handle whatever drugs you like to take, and that we'll enjoy having a party with you.

Party hard. 
But create even harder.

UC is nothing for people who just want to consume. We want everybody to contribute. This is where the rule "No release - no entry" is coming from. If you browse our list of competitions, you'll find that there is something for everyone, even if you aren't a coder, gfx artist or musician.

You are bad at coding, graphics and music? How about doing an art installation instead? Or organizing your own weird compo? And of course you could join the organizer team and help setting things up. 

See, there is no excuse for being a lazy lamer. Do something.

According to these, you are invited.

At Revision 2019 we've released a total of THREE Invitation demos/intros for UC9, all of which will make it more clear what to expect.

sp04 - Airplane by Spacepigs & Vacuum

Discuss at pouet.net Download

LED the sun shine in your heart by Vacuum

Discuss at pouet.net Download

Deep in the Air by Farbrausch & Vacuum

Discuss at pouet.net Download

Who's coming?

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